Creative Commons

A hub for various Creative Commons-related tutorials, guides, and articles

Through its free legal tools and licenses, Creative Commons enables authors, artists, scientists, and educators to share and distribute their work under easy-to-understand copyright terms. Creative Commons licenses essentially allow creators to take a “some rights reserved” approach to licensing, rather than an “all rights reserved” one, by giving others permission to use a work, but only under a specific set of conditions. In this way, creators' rights can be respected while the public good is served.

This project contains tutorials, guides, articles, and other materials aimed at helping people to learn about Creative Commons and use its licenses.

Birth of Creative Commons

A chronicle of the events leading up to the founding of Creative Commons.

The newbie's guide to copyright

A simple guide to copyright, including what it is, why it exists, what it does and doesn't protect, and the concept of fair use.

Applying a Creative Commons license to your academic journal

Introducing academic publishers to the range of CC licenses, and the freedoms they provide to authors and readers.

Choose your adventure

Learn more about Creative Commons licenses with this non-interactive adventure game.

To be or not to be derivative

What's the difference between a collection and an adaptation or remix, and how do we attribute works with multiple sources?

Creative Commons licensing in Indonesian open access journals: current challenges and the way forward

An overview of the current state of CC licensing in Indonesian open access academic journals.

Lelly Marliana, a brief intro

Watch the brief video introducing people to Lelly.